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Check our selection of IPSC paper targets designed for IPSC specifically and in accordance with ISPC regulations. These targets are perfect for your training session at the range!

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MTS Texas Start Target

Modular Target Systems

What makes MTS targets so unique? Most importantly their modular build.

The normalised base and arm mean that it is possible to mount different types of targets on the same foundation making it both cost effective and space saving.

Another great thing about the MTS shooting targets is the fact that they’re incredibly easy to transport and store. The majority of them don't require any tools for assembling and disassembling, making the set up smashingly fast.

Our range of moving targets and metal targets is made of the highly resistant AR500 steel. Which means they’re vitality and usability is much prolonged. 

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Range Solutions targets for UK shooters

If you are looking for new targets because you are bored with the same targets available at your range or you are struggling with these to use for your training, this is the place you were looking for.

We are proud to show you our offer of Range Solutions paper targets. These shooting targets were designed for shooters by shooters which means we always develop our products for our needs - shooters needs!

Range Solutions targets stand unique design and you can find a target for almost every discipline.

We have targets for practical shooting for those who need cheap targets to practice pistol, rifle or shotgun shooting. If you prefer less dynamic but more accurate shooting, our range of precision shooting targets is right for you. Do you like to practice with your air rifle in the garden? We cover that with our small air rifle targets in sizes 14cm or 20cm.

We are also working hard to help develop new targets for armed forces and military officers which results in great targets available not only for them but also for you.

If you still can't find the target layout, colour or general shape, please let us know. We are looking to bring more and more products to our offer and every idea counts!

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