Z-TAC Drills with Aim Small Target - Drill 1 - Holster Sequence

Z-TAC Drills (Shooting Drill No 1) - Holster Sequence, warm up and skills assessment

We all know that to be a great shooter takes time and lots of practice. Precision and speed are necessary skills to master but not an easy one. 

In this new series of blog posts, we will help you work on both using just ONE target: The AIM SMALL target from Range Solutions. 

In this series, you’ll learn and practice 18 different shooting drills. Each one specifically designed to help you work on those abilities. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, an experienced shooter, IPSC competitor or work for the armed forces. These exercises are designed to master your pistol and rifle skills no matter your shooting abilities. 

We are recommending to practice those shooting drills at your local range with your buddies. Make sure that safety is in the first place! 

Don't forget to write the results down and keep track of your progress. Keeping records of training session, and analysing your shooting practice later is as important as the trigger time on your range. 

So get your gear ready, we are about to start with the first drill.

AIM SMALL targets are available to purchase in our store here .

Always remember to use your eye and ear protection when shooting!



First drill with AIM SMALL target us called the Holster Sequence. This is a simple drill where we are going to warm up and review our skills level. 


Z-TAC Drills with Aim Small Target - Drill 1 - Holster Sequence



Warm up and skills assessment


Marked fields A and D




Using a shot timer; at the beep draw your pistol from your holster and take one shot to the first specified circle, check your gun and holster. For the next turn shoot the opposite circle.


10 rounds / 1 magazine


Time limit to draw the pistol and shoot is 1.5sec


The drill can be performed using a duty holster and from concealed if you like. You can also use a rifle but consider tighter limit if you found it too easy. 

This is a precision drill so focus on accuracy over speed, and build up to the par time if you can’t achieve it to begin with.


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