Z-TAC Drills with Aim Small Target - Drill 2 - Target Acquisition

Z-TAC Drills (Shooting Drill No 2) - Target acquisition, warm up

Welcome to another shooting drill from Z-TAC Drills series where we are using only one target, AIM SMALL target.

Z-TAC group is a group of Polish trainers that teaches tactical and defensive shooting. They are famous for their unique training programs or drills and targets design.

One of the targets they designed in cooperation with Range Solutions is our AIM SMALL training target. Its unique target design allows any shooter to use it in their shooting session.

Why it's such a versatile shooting target? The concept of "Aim Small, Miss Small", was thought to help you focus on accurate shooting. The well known test target, fig FBI was used to drive the shape and core of the target design. That allows you to run arrays of different tests and drills to help you develop the correct shooting technique. Solid outside border in similar shape to IDPA targets gives most shooters confidence when shooting fast. It also allows those who compete in IDPA to work on similar shape target they’re used to shooting at competitions. Uniquely designed circles and shapes will help develop a correct technique working your trigger, sight alignments or grip. The centre square section is 1 MOA size and a visible grid in the centre is 1/4 MOA size which is perfect for practising most accurate shots.

Ok, now when we know more about AIM SMALL training target we can start our drill.

Always remember to use your eye and ears protection when shooting!



Second drill with AIM SMALL target is a Target Acquisition drill. This is a simple drill where we are going to warm up and work on our very basic skill - aiming. 


Z-TAC Drills with Aim Small Target - Drill 2 - Target Acquisition



Warm up and basic skills


Marked circles in the order of the numbers given


5m to 10m


On signal the shooter draws the pistol from the holster and fires 4 shoots to the marked field in the given order. Perform 3 strings.


12 rounds / 1 magazine


3.5sec per string


The purpose of this drill is to practice stopping precisely over your intended target and avoiding over swinging. You can perform the drill with a rifle if you'd like.


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