Z-TAC Drills - Drill No 4 and 5 - PARC

Z-TAC Drills (Shooting Drill No 4) - PARC

Welcome to the Z-TAC Drills series using only our AIM SMALL tactical training target. 

PARC - Pace And Recoil Control - Probably the most important thing when you want to shoot fast and accurate. 

Most of the time you can see that some shooters who are trying to be very fast are ending up with poor accuracy. They don't take a precise sight picture often rushing to pull the trigger. They guess their aiming point.

We are going to practice shooting at pace controlling your sight picture the whole time. Shooting at pace will give you more time to think and more time to find the next target which often results in a faster overall time.

When you make a habit of shooting in your rhythm at the pace you can control the gun, you will notice how you get faster and faster. These are the main benefits of this exercise.

So let's start! Don't forget your eyes and ears protection!




Z-TAC Drills - Drill No 4 and 5 - PARC



Warm up and basic skills


Marked field


3m to 5m


From the ready position, on the signal, shoot 5 rounds at pace - starting from 1 sec splits rhythm and finish at 0.2 sec splits. Perform 3 strings.


15 rounds


From 5sec to 2sec per series


The purpose of this drill is to practice your recoil control, grip and good sight tracking. Your main task is to make a habit of shooting at pace while controlling your sight picture.


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