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CQB Double Alpha

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MTS CQB Double Alpha is more accuracy focused version of our standard MTS CQB target. Alpha section moves after the hit forced the shooter to take only precise shots.

MTS CQB Double Alpha is made the same way as a standard CQB metal target it still allows you to shoot a quick and intensive practice without worrying about resetting the target after each string.

MTS CQB Double Alpha contains two reactive windows in the Alpha zone, one in the head and one in the body. Hit in one of these zones occurs with plate repeals.

The target plate is made from AR550 steel and it's designed to be used with pistol, rifle or shotgun slug ammunition. 

A specially designed angle not only increase shooter safety, prolong a target lifespan but also allows decrease shooting distance by 25%. 

A standard leg height: 100cm.

Quick assembly in less than a minute.

Easy in transport.

Plates are available in different shapes and sizes.


MTS CQB Double Alpha Kit contains:

  • Stand
  • Steel Leg
  • Steel target plate


Made in Poland

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