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Gong Kit

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MTS Gong Kit is a typical steel rifle target for outdoor matches or training. You can't mistake that characteristic sound of hitting steel from the distance! 

MTS Gong Kit contains AR550 steel plates suspended on a chain mounted to the frame. 

MTS Gongs targets are designed with rifle shooting in mind but work great with the pistol or shotgun ammunition, including slug ammunition, making them one of the most versatile targets on our offer.

Hit plate swings and directs the bullet fragments into the ground makes this metal target safe for the shooter. 

Some of the benefits of using MTS Gongs targets are:

  • No need to reset the target
  • Easy to transport 
  • More than 15 target plates available in various shapes and sizes
  • Easy to disassemble without any tools
  • Design for Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun Slug ammunition
  • Modular construction

Custom shape and size available on request. Please, contact us for a quote and delivery time.

MTS Gong Kit contains: 

  • Frame with a pin,
  • One Plate,
  • Two Chains
  • Four hooks

Frame and chains weight approx. 7.4kg and plates between 3.7kg to 6.5kg depending on shape and size.

Made in Poland

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