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IPSC Rules Book - PCC

Download a copy of an official IPSC rules book dedicated to PCC.

Click here to download a PDF with IPSC Rules for PCC

Table of contents:

  1. Course Design
  2. Range and Course Construction
  3. Course Information
  4. Range Equipment
  5. Competitor Equipment
  6. Match Structure
  7. Match Management 
  8. The Cours of Fire
  9. Scoring
  10. Penalties and Disqualifications
  11. Arbitration and Interpretation of Rules
  12. Miscellaneous Matters


PCC competition as the handgun competition are typically shoot at distances from 5 to 25 meters using the same COF. 

PCC Rifles are chambered with a pistol caliber. 

IPSC PCC is a highly demanding division to compete in and it will test your marksmanship skills on either close or long distances.

Competitors often shoot IPSC targetsIPSC Mini targets or different sorts of metal targets.

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