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The MTS Supernova is a Texas Star on steroids. This target is a development that merges a swinger idea with a Texas Star. See for yourself. It's a great challenge for 3GUN and shotgun matches.

This target contains 5 arms with metal plates on a pendulum arm. The Supernova target starts swinging as soon as is activated, then when you hit the first plate the start starts accelerating! With every other plate goes down the Texas Star accelerate. 

Like every other MTS modular target, this target is easy to transport and only require one 17mm spanner to assemble. 

Plates are supported by a steel spring with eyelets to make it easier to reset.

Rotor circumference without plates is 1m.

The MTS Supernova kit contains:

  • 5x AR500 steel plate
  • star
  • pole with bearing assembly
  • arm with pendulum
  • supporting braces
  • medium size legs


Made in Poland

Weight: 30kg

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