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Swing Plates X2

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The Swing Series represents the philosophy of the MTS brand. It only takes one minute to assemble this kit. Take a base, leg and pendulum arm, then choose your target holder and you are ready to shoot. When you finished your practice, simply take it apart without any tools. 

The swinger is designed to shoot with a pistol, rifle or shotgun.

The plates, plate holders and arm are made from AR500 steel.

The plate holders are attached to the arm by two screws and they can be mounted on one a different positions.

The 3-stage adjustment of the counterweight allows controlling the speed of the pendulum.  

MTS Swing System can be easily transformed by adding optional: clay holder, double paper holder or additional swing arm.

The pendulum arm uses two waterproof bearings for smooth movement.

All parts are painted and protected from the weather. 

The Swing Kit contains:

  • base
  • leg (55cm)
  • pendulum arm
  • plate holder with two steel plates

Weight: 19kg 

Made in Poland

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