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  • Range Solutions tactical targets Z-TAC Tactic, targets designed for defensive training
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Range Solutions

Targets Z-TAC Tactic 50pcs

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The Z-TAC Tactic targets are a classic silhouette based on an accurate human anatomy, that’s what also sets them apart. The target contains 3 critical hit zones: head, chest and pelvis. The construction of the target makes it easy to use for tactical or technical practice. Thanks to proposed scaling and darkened areas this target can be use on any distance as classic silhouette target. Groups will be helpful with short distance training. Hands in the pelvis area allows shooters to visually control target’s hands(dangerous objects can also be drawn or pinned in the designated areas). The different sized circles help with the technical training. This target has been specially designed with advanced practice in mind with specially constructed zones for specific tactical purposes. 


High quality offset paper 80g

Dimension: 700 x 500 mm (approx 27.5 x 19.7 inch)

50 sheets per pack

Made in Poland