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Training targets Aim Small 50pcs

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Tactical training target designed in cooperation with instructors from Z-TAC.

Specially designed target to support your daily shooting training. The concept "aim small - miss small" was invented to help you focus on very accurate shooting.

Using this target you can save time and money on patches. Unique design allows you to shoot up to 100 rounds without the need of changing target!

The thought behind the project of this target was popular fig. FBI which allows you to run an array of tests, tasks or competitions. The shapes allow you to develop a correct technic working your trigger, sigh alignments or correct grip. This is an excellent target to practice pistol and rifle skills.

The centre square section is 1 MOA size. An additional visible grid in the centre is 1/4 MOA size.


High quality offset paper 80g

Dimension: 700 x 500 mm (approx 27.5 x 19.7 inch)

50 sheets per pack

Made in Poland

Customer Reviews

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Mark Phillips
Great Club Target

We ordered these targets from

Each target has high quality printing on good quality heavy weight paper.

At a club training each target has stood up to 000s of hits from 6mm BBs.

With options for shooting this target only limited by your imagination.

Everything I need for a training session in one target.

All different size shapes and areas to complete a full drill session on one target. Good design!